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 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Known for its durability, aluminum is a lightweight metal that is now preferred in many fencing applications. Aluminum fencing works well in enclosing all kinds of spaces, from residential to industrial and commercial. So if you were considering a wood, vinyl, or wrought iron fence, there are plenty of reasons why you should think about aluminum as a better alternative.


A sloped yard can be one of the most difficult fencing projects that a DIY homeowner or professional installer can undertake. Due to the rigid nature of vinyl or wood fence panels, they tend to leave unsightly gaps at the bottom when going down or up a grade. But thanks to the versatility of aluminum fencing, however, you can easily do away with such headaches.

Most new aluminum fence panels are designed to be rackable, which means they can adjust to the slope of your land. While standard panels will rack up to 4 inches, you could also opt for heavy rackable options if your yard’s gradient is more severe. We can also help you create custom designs to fit your spatial needs and wants, all while following local code.


Compared to its traditional wrought iron and steel counterparts, aluminum fencing is much more affordable. First, the material is more readily available and cheaper to manufacture. This means you could save up to $3.00 per foot when you opt for aluminum, all while getting a fence that looks just as gorgeous and regal.

And while wood fencing tends to be cheaper, aluminum will not incur extra upkeep costs. As such, it’s a one-time investment that will last for decades without needing replacement. What’s more, our products are just about the most competitively-priced fencing solutions you could find, thanks to our special relationships with manufacturers. You can also be sure that each product comes with a robust warranty for peace of mind.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Quality aluminum fence panels will usually receive multiple coats of paint during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the layers of protective paint are properly fused to the metal surface, which in turn guarantees that the fence lasts for decades without needing to be repainted. And because the metal isn’t susceptible to corrosion, you can rest assured that your fence and gate will stand firm even against exposure to moisture, sunlight, or termites.

Unlike a wood fence which will inevitably require repainting or re-staining, your aluminum fencing will hardly need any maintenance. Granted, you might have to hose it down regularly, but only if you want it to stay spotless. Ultimately, you’ll get great value for your money in the long term, and this is one of the best benefits of aluminum fences.

Other notable advantages of aluminum fencing include:

  • Shape memory: An aluminum fence is more likely to return to its previously defined shape after deformation occurs.
  • Security: Unlike chain-link fences, aluminum fencing can’t be cut to gain access. It also doesn’t fall apart in a short time, like wood.
  • Visual appeal: An aluminum fence will be a welcome addition to any yard, thanks to its elegant, classic look that won’t be ruined by rust.

If you want to repair an existing structure or are in need of a new fence installation, contact Pennant Fence Company. With plenty of experience with just about all kinds of fencing applications, for both residential and commercial properties, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and offer an installation quote.

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