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Types of Fences

Are you looking for a reputable fencing company? Wood or vinyl installation? Cedar or redwood? Lattice topped or dog eared? We can handle it. Call and ask about our special discounts.

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We use the best materials and construction techniques to build a beautiful fence that will enhance the value of your property.

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Are you looking for a quality fence at an affordable price?  Call today and we’ll show you how reasonable a new fence can be. Ask about our specials for this month.


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Are you looking for something a little unique?  Do you want something different?  We can create a custom solution for you.


Types Of Privacy Fences in Jacksonville Florida

Are you trying to decide which type of fencing material you want to use for your property? We can help.

Or maybe you have already decided on the material, but now you need to find a good fencing contractor that will build your fence for a reasonable price.

Call Pennant Fence Company, and we’ll send one of our fencing experts to give you a free, no obligation quote.

Here’s a little background on your choices to help you decide.
The types of privacy fences homeowners choose will play a significant role in the security of the property. In addition, fencing can considerably contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Security and privacy are among the most common reasons individuals set out to purchase homes. Our professionally installed privacy fences will provide you with a true sense of being home and safe. Fencing, whether wood, bamboo, vinyl or any of the other hosts of materials, will play a huge role in impacting your sense of home.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is beautiful and is popular among homeowners looking for sturdy, low-maintenance fences. Some studies have shown that vinyl fencing is about four times more flexible and almost five times stronger than comparable wood fencing.

Vinyl fencing allows you to effortlessly clean off unwanted stains like graffiti or any other unsightly blemish. All that is required is using a hose and some detergent to restore the original look of the fence. You may be subjected to a higher upfront cost when choose to install a vinyl fence; however, over time, its durability and low maintenance costs make vinyl fences less costly than many other options.

Wood Fencing

This is among the most popular types of privacy fences on the market. Wood fencing provides the option for varying heights, which can provide homeowners with a true sense of privacy. In addition, these fences are among the most attractive options currently available. They provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere and can boost the value of your property.

You should note that the cost of purchasing and installing your fence will be largely impacted by its size and height. Essentially, the more lumber required for the project, the more costly it will be. Additionally, installing wooden fences could be a bit time-consuming. Therefore, installing a smaller fence would obviously be a less pricey process than installing a larger one. However, with proper maintenance, wood fences could last the lifespan of your home. The quality of this privacy fence will depend greatly on the kind of wood you decide to use.

Bamboo Fences

The popularity of bamboo fencing has continued to rise as more homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment. Bamboo grows quickly and naturally, and as such, it is among the most environmentally friendly options available. It is also attractive, which adds to its broad appeal.

Bamboo fencing is usually available in three options – rolled bamboo, live bamboo, and bamboo cane. Installing bamboo cane and rolled bamboo involves using poles that are linked together. This makes these options a little sturdier when compared to live bamboo.

These are just a few of the privacy fences we can install on your property. While privacy and security are definitely the top two functions of fencing your property, creativity and design can be effortlessly incorporated to boost the visual appeal of your fence. There are some fencing choices available, and as such, no home should have to sacrifice appearance for privacy and security.

Chain Link

Simple, sturdy and long-lasting, chain link fencing adds security to your residential and commercial propert.  They can be customized with colorful slats or topped with barbed wire.  They are extremely versatile and we can get them installed very quickly.  

We also offer Aluminum Fences and Pool Safety Fences.

We’ll be happy to come out and put together quotes for you for both materials so just give us a call.

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Wood Fence Installation Jacksonville FL

We have a team of experts ready to design and build the perfect fence for your property.  Whether tall or short, private or semi-private, we are prepared to handle whatever you can throw at us.

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Wood Fence Experts

We are a leading affordable fence company in Jacksonville.  No project is too large or too small.  We can complete your agricultrual, residential and commercial project quickly.


Residential Fences Jacksonville FL

Add privacy and beauty to your backyard with a lovely cedar, pine or spruce fence.  We can create stockade, regualr point, modified point, dog ear cut, gothic point, single concave, single convex, double concave, double convex, alternating gothic, tongue & groove, lattice-topped, post & rail, and picket designs.


Solid Jacksonville Aluminum Fence Construction

We use the right equipment and take our time to make sure we get it right.  Our fences are installed properly every time and will stand up to storms and time.

safety-gate-for pool

Chain Link Gates

Chain link is great for securing large areas from foot traffic and animals without obscuring visibility.


Wood Fence Repairs and Demolition

We focus on installing beautiful fences but we also repair damaged fences, paint and stain existing fences and we can demolish an old fences before we install the new one.


Post and Rail Picket Vinyl Fences

We design based on your needs, property and budget.  Contact us for more information and to get a free quote.


Privacy Fences in Jacksonville

We alll love our neighbors but some times we just want to be left alone.  With the right wall or barrier in between, you can rest easy and relax in your backyard.  


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