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Benefits of Privacy Fences

When considering fencing for your yard, you will want to consider having one that continues to offer benefits for years to come. We install privacy fencing that provides plenty of those benefits.

With the wide variety of privacy fencing available, there are plenty of designs that will add interest and curb appeal to your yard. Many types of privacy fencing that we install can be painted or stained to match other design elements of your home and yard. You can form a beautiful setting around the perimeter of your yard, or you can fence off a select area, either way, you will be delighted with how it looks each time you see your home.


With Florida storms, privacy fencing offers protection from the wind that can wreak havoc on your lawn and gardens. Depending on the position of your home and where you have your fence installed, it can also provide shade on those scorching summer days.


One of the biggest benefits of privacy fences is the safety it offers to you and your family. Whether you need to keep small children, or pets, in your yard or wrong people out, privacy fencing is an excellent added safety feature. Imagine the added relaxation during your time outdoors if you do not have to worry about your pup running after every car or trying to escape the yard every five minutes. As an added benefit, some insurance companies even offer a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy if you have a privacy fence installed. Your home will be safe from prying eyes, and you will get to enjoy the privacy you deserve.

Noise Reduction

Privacy fencing is also great at reducing street noise, so the time you spend outside will be much more pleasant and relaxing. Depending on the type of privacy fence you choose and the material, you can significantly reduce background noise compared to other types of fences or with no barrier at all. Additionally, it also provides a barrier for your neighbors against noise coming from your yard, which makes you a more considerate neighbor to have.


While it goes without saying that privacy fences offer more privacy, it is a definite bonus of having us install this type of fencing. Just imagine no more prying eyes watching you while you are out sunbathing or nosy neighbors and their unwelcome comments when you are just trying to play with the kids in the yard.

Fully Customizable

One of the last benefits of privacy fencing is how customizable they are. You can choose from a large range of colors, materials, and styles to meet any and all of your fencing needs.  Whether you want a gate installed, or want a portion of the fence to be removable, privacy fences offer you the ability to customize it to your exact specifications.

If you love all the many benefits of privacy fences, contact us today to start you on your way of getting the fence you want and need.

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Privacy Fence Installation and Construction

We understand how important it is to feel safe at home.  Keeping the kids, toddlers and pets in and keeping unwanted strangers out,
is critical.  A well built fence can add an additional layer of protection and safety. 

  • Privacy fences and locked gates slow down criminals
  • Enjoy your pool and hot tub without people watching you
  • Add to the visual appeal of the yard and landscaping
  • Select materials and styles that fit your budget and look

Frequently Asked Questions

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Decorative Privacy Fences

 Materials can range from stone, brick, cedar and vinyl.  They can all be combined in various fence designs to create a unique look that matches the style of your home.  So whether you need a modern fence or a more traditional look, give us a call.

Wood Fence Panels for Security

 Increasy your peace of mind by knowing that your kids and pets are protected behind sturdy wooden fence panels.  They add privacy, keep toddlers and kids in and keep the bad guys out.

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Swimming Pool Fences

Pool fencing can be both beautiful and practical.  We design our safety fences to meet all requirements while still adding to the beauty of your outdoor space.

Wood Privacy Fencing

 Wood privacy fence installation in Jacksonville, FL is affordable and provides a great look to your yard.  Call today and we can come out to determine the cost of building a wood privacy fence on your property.

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Chain Link Fence For Privacy

 Most people don’t consider a chain link fence when looking for an affordable privacy fencing.  Adding slats can provide a nice pop of color as a background to your landscaping and can also keep nosy neighbors or traffic from looking into your private spaces. 

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Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl is a great fence choice fo r adding a low maintainance alternative to the more traditional wood fence option.  We offer several colors and we will be happy to bring samples to make your selection easier.

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