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Types of Vinyl Fences

Are you looking for an attractive fence?  Maybe white or tan vinyl? Lattice topped? We can handle it. Ask about our specials and discounts.

Solid Vinyl Fence Construction

We use the big quality materials and construction techniques to build a long lasting fence.  Our fences have survived hurricanes and severe weather for years.

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Are you looking for an affordable vinyl fence and great installation?  Call today and we’ll show you how reasonable a new fence can be.


Fence Design

Are you looking for something a little unique?  Do you want a different fence from your neighbors?  We can create something special for you. Ask about our design specials.


Vinyl Fencing Vs. Wood Fences

Vinyl and wood fence are the two primary privacy fencing options. If you’re considering a fence either as a fresh installation or as a replacement for your outgoing fence, you may be split between the two. Neither has a major edge over the other. Both have their pros and cons. In other words, your decision will be based on the positive aspects of the fence you need desperately and the negatives you don’t mind much. We have put down the positives and negatives of both the fences so that you don’t have much difficulty choosing between the two.

Vinyl Fencing


  • A vinyl fence is an option if you want to deviate from the norm and do not want your fence to look just like your neighbor’s. Vinyl fences bring along multiple color choices such as gray, tan, and white. Moreover, vinyl can also be customized to look like wood.
  • The fence doesn’t need any staining or painting and could be bought as readymade panels and strips.
  • A vinyl fence is extremely low on maintenance. Thanks to its non-porous, glossy surface, dirt can be sprayed off of the fence easily.
  • Vinyl fences do not crack or split. They also do not get fungus, termite damage, or dry rot. Not to mention, a vinyl fence is fire-resistant as well.


  • A quality fence doesn’t come cheap. Its upfront cost is more compared to a wooden fence. Therefore, if your fencing requirements are large, you would shell out a lot more money initially but it is likely to maintain its initial appearance much longer than wood.
  • Vinyl fences could bend or expand when subjected to extreme temperatures. This is where our construction techniques helps.
  • Certain sections of fence could have mildew issues. The mildew can be removed easily but, failing to do so could result in hard-to-remove stains.  the formation of mildew will depend on whether the fence is positioned in the shade or under trees.
  • Repair can be a little more costly. Unlike a wood fence, when a vinyl fence goes bad, you cannot spot-fix one slat or two. You may end up pulling off the entire panel to fix the problem.

Wood Fences


  • A wood fence has a more traditional look and adds a classic touch to any landscape. It blends well with foliage and flowers for a more natural appearance.  Remember that the fence’s appearance will change over time.  The color will fade and the panels will take on a distressed look.
  • Compared to a vinyl fence, a wood fencing costs less and is also fairly inexpensive to install.
  •  The color options are varied, primarily because wood can be painted or stained in any shade of your choice.
  • Pine and cedar provide all-natural, organic choices of material for a fence and would be fancied by people who care about the environment.
  • Customizing is easy. Planters and similar decorative items can be used to personalize a your fence’s look.
  • Repairs can be inexpensive and simple since all that you will need to get the fence back to order are nails, hammer, and some scrap wood to amend loose or damaged boards. Keep in mind that repairs will stand out due to color differences in the stain or age.


  • A wood fence is heavy maintenance. In other words, annual maintenance is a must to ensure the fence material stays in optimal state. The maintenance activity would usually entail reapplying finish or paint.
  • Wooden fences are susceptible to termites and attracts pests. The termites won’t just eat into your fence but may also put your house at risk.
  • Warping can be an issue, particularly if the fence hasn’t been treated properly to resist temperature changes or moisture.
  • With improper installation, wood fence posts could sink beneath ground level, warping the fence in the process. Sections of the fence may also begin to sway, sag or lean.

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