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Types of Wood Fences

Are you looking for a certain type of wood fence?  Cedar or redwood? Lattice topped or dog eared? We can handle it. Just give us a call.

Solid Fence Construction

We use the best materials and construction techniques to build a long lasting wood fence.

Affordable Prices

Are you looking for a quality wooden fence at an affordable price?  Call today and we’ll show you how reasonable a new fence can be.

Wood Fence Design

Are you looking for something a little unique?  Do you want a different wood fence from your neighbors?  We can create something special for you?


Wood Fences vs Vinyl Fences: Pros and Cons

The national cost of installing fencing is $2,641. However, most homeowners spend anything between $1,576 and $3,721 to install fencing, according to data from HomeAdvisor. Given the relatively high cost of installing wood fencing, you should choose fencing that offers you good value for your money. Wood and vinyl fencing are some of the most popular fencing types available in the market today. With that in mind, here’s a detailed look at wood fencing vs. its primary competitor, vinyl fencing.  We’ll also lay out the pros and cons of each, as we see it.


The purchase price of vinyl fencing is typically higher than the purchase price of wood fencing. More specifically, according to more data from HomeAdvisor, the national average cost of fence materials, per linear foot, is $17 and $12 for vinyl and wood fencing, respectively. What’s more, the national average labor cost of fence installation per linear foot is $7 and $12 for vinyl and wood fencing, respectively. According to HomeAdvisor, the leading factors that determine the cost of fencing include parts, permits, utility lines, grading, and labor.


Installing wood fencing requires more skill and expertise to avoid problems such as deformations. That is why it is so critical to select the right wood fence company.  You’ll be stuck with a good fence or a bad one for years to come.
To install vinyl fencing, installers typically slide rails into posts and then secure the posts into the ground with concrete.


Wood fencing requires regular painting and staining, which means it is more expensive to maintain in the long run. It takes time and money to keep a wood fence looking good over the year.  Also, consider the hot Florida summers and the big storms that can cause some natural discoloration or fading of the wood panels.

Given its plastic nature, vinyl fencing is easier to maintain than wood fencing. In fact, vinyl fencing only requires regularly cleaning with a little spray from your water hose.


On the repairs front, repairing wood fencing is easier and less expensive. However, unlike vinyl fencing, it is prone to dry rot, pest/fungus damage, fire as well as splitting. It is worth noting that vinyl fencing is also prone to damage by high winds, extreme temperatures, and mildew which are common in Florida.

Environmental Impact

Vinyl fencing is environmentally neutral.  The manufacturing process can emit volatile fumes, but you don’t need to replace it nearly as often as wood fences. You will also avoid routine painting and staining.

Wood fencing, on the other hand, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. You may use more wood over time as it will need to be replaced more often than a vinyl fence.  This type of fencing typically requires regular painting and staining to keep it in good condition, so be sure to use environmentally friendly paints and stains.


Wood and vinyl fencing are some of the most popular fencing types in America today. Of course, each type of fencing has its pros and cons. For this reason, you should consider the pro and cons of each type of fence before you invest in one.

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Wood Fence Repairs and Removal

 Not only do we install beautiful fences, we repair damaged fences and we can remove old fences before we install the new one.

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We are a leading wood fence company in Jacksonville.  No project is too large or too small.  We have crews ready for your call.

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 We use the right equipment and take our time to make sure we get it right.  Our fences are installed properly every time and will stand up to storms and time. 

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Wood Fence Gates

 Natural wood is great for privacy as well as safety fences around pools.  It adds a nice look to the landscaping and makes a nice background for photos because none of your neighbors clutter will be visibile.

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