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August, 2017

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In Florida today, the wooden fence is among the most widely used fencing options. It’s affordable, easy to repair and can add beauty to your yard and garden. It is a symbol of the rich American heritage that goes as far back as the early settler days when farmers used to fence their farms, homes, and barns using wood.

The main benefits of wood fences are:


Compared to other fencing options, such as chain link, vinyl, and aluminum, the wood fence is very friendly to the environment.

• Wood is a naturally produced material that synergistically matures

• The trees used in making wooden fences are typically sourced from large-scale growers

• Old fencing panels are easily disposed of without any risk of environmental harm.


The natural beauty of wood.

Great Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden fencing adds the much-needed aesthetic appeal to your home. We boost the wooden post aesthetics through several methods, such as painting, staining, and carving. We have in stock water resistant paints or stains that give you the option of choosing your favorite hues or colors. Additionally, we can repaint your wooden fence posts regularly whenever you wish to alter the look of the wall or to prevent it from appearing worn out or looking dilapidated.


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One of the most cost-effective and affordable fencing options available to property owners is wood. Compared to vinyl, wrought iron, or aluminum fences, it cost significantly less. Similarly, maintaining wooden fences is less expensive as it only requires water, scrubbing brush, and deck cleaner.

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Increases Property Value

A wooden fence does much more than just increasing the curb appeal of your home; it also boosts the value of your property. Wooden fencing is something that is loved by many home buyers, and if your property has one when the time to sell comes, it sets you apart from the rest.

Wide Variety

The benefits of wood fences are many, but one other benefit that stands tall is the fact that they are available in many impressive designs. Among the notable wood fence designs we have in our stock include:

• Post-and-rail
• Picket
• Table top
• Split rail
• Stockade
• Lattice top
• Paddock
• French Gothic
Spaced board.

We can also offer a broad selection of caps for wooden posts.


Wood fences make an excellent choice for both business and homeowners as their benefits are numerous. If you are seeking an environmentally friendly and cost-effective fencing option that blends easily into your setting, we can help you get it installed to meet your goals. When maintained properly, wood fencing will serve you for decades.

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